Thursday, January 21, 2010

AKIC Tuesfriday

What is Tuesfriday?
It is the day after Monthursday.  Tomorrow to someone in Tuesfriday is Wedsaturday.  The AKIC weekend is Sattuesday and Sunwednesday.  

Understand? suppresses Religion
Is a friend of the regime?  You would think so after it brutally locked this religious thread on its site.
KoW is now CoW or should I say GSoWEP?
We will rock you!  Oops!
You may recall reading in a previous entry how Tony likes singing the chorus to Queen's "We will rock you!".  I have the song on my MP3 player (my phone actually -- I have a MP-SAN with a phone attached to it, but that's another story).  So I play it for him.  Yesterday, I decided to make that song my alarm tone (It had been Roxanne by the Police.  Why not a Sinatra song, you lover of truth, beauty, and civilization?  These rock songs wake you up in the morning like a man crashing cymbals together would.)
This morning, the tone played to wake me up, and Tony had a fit.  It turned out he could only be placated if he heard the song. 
We played it ten times for him.  Thankfully, a bottle put him back to sleep.

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