Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now, it is going to be my weekend!

Monday is Friday
Rare readers of this blog may know that I like to harp on and on about how my days off are in the middle of the week.  Having Tuesday and Wednesday off means Monday is like Friday.

The Fire
I have taken a photo of the damage wrought by the fire I saw last night.  It appears that the damage was cosmetic and the building didn't burn down.

My biggest video critic is.....
The most stern and outspoken critic of the Wuxi Tony Update Series is Jenny Kaulins, my wife and mother of Wuxi Tony.  Watching a few videos, I was criticized because I had Tony wear a jacket outside that was meant to be worn inside -- who knew?  In Southern China, babies will wear jackets inside the house of the lack of central heating.  So, I learned that my wife has jackets that are designated to be worn inside and jackets designated to be worn outside -- who knew?  My wife also lambasted me because I had taken video of Tony with a runny nose.  "Why didn't you wipe his nose?" she angrily asked me.  I protested that I did after  -- the video was taken about two weeks ago.

Talk about your retroactive criticism!

On the interesting side,  someone, watching a WTU on (the Chinese Youtube) commented that I was more handsome that Tony.  That is an awesome compliment for both of us.

His girl Friday 
Or is it My girl Friday?  Either way, this comedy starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russel was great.  But the DVD starting having problems about halfway through with constant pausing and skipping, and then Tony wanted to watch something else. 

He gave me a Simpsons DVD to put in the player, if you can believe it.

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