Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Storm rolling in.

Tuesday, I was to meet my wife at a China Telecom near Wuxi's big Xinhua Book Store on Renmin Road. 

I was able to walk to the China Telecom from school.  However, it was a humid walk.  The humidity was so oppressive that I had a feeling that a storm was coming on.

When I arrived at China Telecom, my wife was not there as I had expected.  I would have phoned her to find out where she was, but I knew she had forgotten her phone.  I had to wait for her to either arrive at China Telecom or phone me.

So I stood outside the China Telecom for 45 minutes!  I was stewing, wondering where she and Tony were.  I also saw that the suspected storm was brewing.  Dark clouds were coming from the direction of Xihui Park.  It reminded me of times in Manitoba when storms could be seen rolling in on the prairie.  However, the interesting phenomenon to be seen in Wuxi, was not rolling clouds covering the prairie.  Instead, it was all the pedestrians running for cover.  As I stood inside the China Telecom, I saw a huge crowd of people running into the Xinhua Book Store for shelter.  How I wish I had brought my camera!

The heavy torrential rain further trapped me at the China Telecom.

Finally, my wife phoned and I learned I had done to the wrong China Telecom.  It seems that I had gone to an authorized China Telecom dealer.  From where I came, the dealer was the first place to have China Telecom signs.  My wife was at the China Telecom main office which was down the street from the authorized dealer.

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