Friday, July 1, 2011

AKIC makes history! Buys deodorant in China.

For the first time in over five thousand years of Chinese history, a Canadian from the Kaulins family has been able to purchase deodorant, or pit stick (to use the vernacular of the peasantry) in China.  Unlike other Expats, who would happily, or joyfully, go without, Andis Kaulins has made sure he has had deodorant shipped to him, in care packages, from Canada.  Deodorant in China, AKIC quickly learned in 2004, was a rare and expensive product in China.

AKIC's history-making, epoch-changeing purchase took place at the Tesco in the Hui Shan District of Wuxi.  Kaulins happened to walk past a bargain bin in the toiletries section and saw fresh action (or scented) AXE deodorant sticks on sale for just 17 rmb!  Impulsively, AKIC made the purchase, even though, as his wife said, he already had a large supply of deodorant.  However, reasoned the K Man, when a chance arises to make history and shift paradigms, one has to do it, damn the consequences.

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