Saturday, July 23, 2011

Humid observations

  • Too hot.  I am staying indoors.
  • I went through the Taihu Tunnel for the first time.  The tunnel runs along Taihu Avenue.  Taihu runs from Auxiang Supermarket in the New District to Li Hu.  The tunnel which is about a mile long, it would seem, takes one under lord knows what, but it ends near Auxiang.  As far as I can recall there are no rivers in the area near Auxiang.  I asked the students and they told me that the tunnel may have something to do with the subway system that is currently being built.
  • I asked the students yesterday, in my English Corner, to name some famously infamous people.  They could only think of two: Adolf Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Both of these guys are Austrian.  What does that tell you?
  • Visit here for Swedish Bikini Team Search 2011 Updates.
  • After-accident scene I saw last night as I waited for the bus:  A pedestrian and a scooter had collided.  The pedestrian had blood dripping from a cut on his knee.  The scooter driver was picking up some boxes strewn on the payment.  They were screaming at each other. Four security guards and three staff woman from a nearby building joined the scene.  Jenny told me that they were all waiting for the police to come.  Apparently, it was the scooter driver that wanted the police to come.  Looking at the scene, I would have thought that both had lost in the collision and that it wasn't worth going to court about.

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