Tuesday, June 7, 2011


  • The temperature in Wuxi will get up to 35 degrees Celsius today.  Steamy!
  • On the bus, I was trying to read my Chinese textbook when these two young girls came on.  They sat in front of me.  They were both pretty, and I couldn't help but notice that one of the girls had a stripper tattoo -- a rare sight in China but not too common in Canada the last time I was there.  I wouldn't have mentioned the fact that I had seen the stripper tattoo, but the girl with the tattoo, looked back, saw me and gave me a friendly look.  She then talked to me in halting English and presented me with her business card -- apparently, she works for a company selling apartment suites.  She also presented me with a brochure for the apartment complex she was working and selling for.  I looked at it, and showed her I could read some of the Chinese writing.  She then asked the person who was sitting beside me to exchange seats so she could sit beside me.  I showed her a photo of Tony and tried to tell her that I owned an apartment already at a complex near hers.  The conversation went along, haltingly (how I like that word "halting"), until the bus got to my stop.  She tried to get me to come somewhere tomorrow and didn't understand when I said I was working all day.  The last thing, she said to me was "See you next tomorrow!"  Five years ago, these kinds of encounters were exciting -- now they are, I hate to say, annoying.  Friendly and pretty as this girl was, it is not even good for my self-esteem.  This would never happen to me in Canada, for a reason.
  • That Canucks loss in game three of the Stanley Cup seems monumental.  They were trounced 8-1!  Mind you, they were trounced a few times by the Black Hawks, but still managed to win that earlier series. Let's hope the same thing will result in this series for the Canucks -- bad losses, but not a series loss.

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