Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another reflection on the Vancouver Riots

Being in China, I get news from Canada, but not so instantaneously.  I may well be six hours behind (to think that a hundred years ago, if I was in China, I would be six months behind).  If wouldn't surprise me that the Vancouver Riots are now old hat and aren't worth talking about anymore.  But I have been listening to podcasts of discussion of the riots and I do have some thoughts.
As I said in a previous entry, I knew well the types who were involved in the riots, and as well the types who thought it was grand to take photos of themselves with the riots in the background.  It goes without saying that  these people are morally repugnant and ought to be beaten within an inch of their lives.
I was hoping that the students may have thoughts about the riots, but not one had heard about them. (Most were not  paying attention to the Winter Olympics either)  So it is hard for me to put a China perspective on them other than to talk some students whose lives should be the spoil-bratted rioters to shame. 
There are some students who are earnestly trying to advance themselves.  One student is from Anhui, a province next to Jaingsu.  Her family was poor.  Things I took for granted in my childhood, her family didn't have.  This girl spends her days working and her free time trying to improve her English.  Her life would be dull by the standards of the spoiled brats in Vancouver, but she doesn't complain and is actually a quite pleasant person. 
I think what a shame it would be to see her spoiled by our culture's decadence.

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