Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival: Nothing to say but I will say it anyway!

  • I am sticking around Casa K today. This will be the first time in years that I will be entirely by myself for a whole day -- no Jenny or Tony. I should go to Taixing, where they are now, but the logistics of going are too much trouble and I really need to rest for a day -- the summer upcoming will be busy. Freedom for a day is tempting, but it is overwhelming. A day isn't enough time to catch up on DVD watching and blogging and Chinese studying and looking at things that married life keeps me from.

  • Tony makes faces for the camera.

  • Tony plays with his mother's glasses.

  • I don't want to use this free day to go out with other Expats. The thought brings up a visceral and misanthropic desire for exile or isolation. But honestly, as it is, there is no one to call and really no one that I would want to call if somehow I didn't get separated from them -- my misanthropy is the misanthropy of a fantasy world where I really could not be a loner if I wanted to be.

  • Marriage has trained me to be unable to escape a responsibility feeling, or a conscience, you could say. Already, I look around the apartment and tell myself I got to do some cleaning.

  • My son Tony can really play a mean air guitar. Watch this video and see.

  • At one time in my life, I made a point to watch the latest Woody Allen movie as soon as it came to a local theatre. I fell out of the habit as I moved to China and became disenchanted with his fall too leftist view of the world and his creepiness -- but perhaps, I am being redundant with the add-on. But he has had some fine movie moments. For example, from Steve Sailer, there was "Allen's famous speech at the end of 1979's Manhattan on what makes life worth living, Allen references Mozart, Flaubert, C├ęzanne, Louis Armstrong, Groucho Marx, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Willie Mays, and Ingmar Bergman—in other words, nobody from the 1960s or 1970s. Like Ralph Lauren, Woody Allen has always been an old-fashioned snob." It is hard to think of current popular entertainment figures that one would be able, in twenty years, and say they made life worth living.

  • I was still listening to podcasts at 330 this morning. I then got out of bed at eight. I can't sleep in, even if I wanted to. I don't sleep more than six hours a day, it would seem. And I know that it has been shown that people do exaggerate the sleep they don't get. But I have been awake at midnight, and up by six, six-thirty on many a day.

  • I will have to go to Tesco again. There is no margarine in the house.

  • At Siemens, I was fed some Tsingtao Stout, which was mighty tasty. So when I went to Tesco last night, I sought and bought a bottle of it for 8 rmb. That is expensive for a Chinese supermarket. I could imagine, it being that brand of stout being sold for 60 rmb in a pub. No thanks. Another reason to stay at home.

  • I think this is an entry full of self-justifications.

  • I do realize already (it is 1115 a.m.), how much I rely on Jenny to do things for me. I have already had to do laundry, cook, fold things, shop, think of what I am going to eat, and wash dishes.

  • No more clothing stores in the Wuxi China Expatdom! Hurrah Naturism!

  • Wuxi China Expatdom to have world's largest navy. (alternate link)

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