Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman's Day in China.

Today is March 8 and so it is Women's Day in China.  Jenny reminded me about this about two in the afternoon in a vain attempt to lay a guilt trip on me. 
To me, every day is Women's day.  That is, you should be nice to women every day because they are the fairer sex.  And besides the day is a United Nations designated day which is reason enough for me to ignore it.  As I like to say, the U.N. is one dictator, one vote.  Hard to take seriously an organization that puts a country whose leader bombs his own people on its human rights council.
Be that as it may, all my students seem to know about the holiday (it always comes up when I ask the students to name some Chinese holidays) and many Wuxi females who work that day, get some special attention from their place of employment.
How are women treated in China?  Here is a brief three sentence synposis:  I have heard the stories of male babies being preferred.  Chinese Men seem inept with them.  Far too many foreign expats come here to prey on them.
I thank God I married Jenny!

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