Monday, March 14, 2011

AKIC watches Hereafter and the Dawn Treader on Pie, Pi, 3.14, or "π" Day!

This March 14, 2009 AKIC blogspot entry is apparently my most read post ever.  On that "π" day, I ate two McDonald's pies.
On 2011's "π" Day, I have watched two DVDs.  Tony's going to school afforded me the opportunity.
The first movie I watched was Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon.  I bought the DVD for the movie yesterday after I had read that the film's opening sequence featured an accurate depiction of what its is like to be swept up by a Tsunami.  The Tsunami causes the lead female character to have a near-death experience.  The rest of the film was  touching at times, but basically unremarkable.  The film's ending, which required having three distant characters' lives intertwine, was disappointing because it was abrupt and unbelievable.  The remarkable thing about the film was Damon's characters love of Charles Dickens which reminded me my cousin's husband who said the English author was the be all and end all of writers.  I also experienced the coincidence of watching the movie on March 14 -- the part of the story where the three distant characters meet in the film happens on March 14 -- a reference on part of the film's makers to "π" Day?
I then watched the Dawn Treader -- a Chronicles of Narnia movie.  The movie was fine, but unfortunately it seemed to be treading on cinematic ground that the Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter movies have already covered.  Still, I will seek out previous movies in the Narnia series.  C.S. Lewis was an alright chap.

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