Monday, March 7, 2011

Dead Cat

  • Casa K, a third floor apartment, overlooks a road.  So, look out a window from Casa K, and road is what you will mostly see.  So it was a little unnerving to look out the window yesterday, and see a dead cat lying on the road.  I had to avert my glance from the window all day.  Dead things are an omen.  But thankfully for everybody not just me.
  • I was able to watch True Grit and the King's Speech on DVD yesterday.  The copies I watched were of okay viewing quality, though I needed to raise the volume on both because the English subtitles were all wrong, and the King's Speech sometimes froze.  The films were both fine, but the ending of True Grit has some lame plot devices at the end.  King's Speech made me reflect on how long Queen Elizabeth has been around.  When she dies, it would be the end of an era.
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