Monday, March 14, 2011

My favorite presence on the ‘Net?

With so much on the Internet, you would think it would be hard for me to choose the one site I like so much, that I would  cast everything else aside to get to it when it has a new posting.  But for me it is easy.  The site I go to immediately is David Warren Online.  He watches the world from a perspective that is Catholic and so, is timeless -- he really seems to be able to step outside the age in which we live.
His latest two columns are brilliant.
He writes of the info debris that the Internet now has produced.  He makes a great observation about twittering:  when everyone is talking, you can't hear a thing.
Being Catholic, Warren writes a Lent Column in whixh he says the poorest people, he says, live in North America.  Read the column to find out why he says this.



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