Sunday, March 6, 2011

T&J are back in Wuxi!

I spent the morning, cooking for Siemens; and in the afternoon, I walked about the downtown of Wuxi as I waited for my wife and son's train to arrive from Nanjing.
The cooking went fine.  The locals liked baked and breaded chicken wings, as well as garlic cheest toast.
Downtown, I went to Chongan and Nanchang Markets, on a mission to find a good copy of True Grit.  I ended up buying the Fighter, the King's Speech, and the copy of True Grit that I had been told was no good. (Someone told me he had bought a good copy of True Grit at Nanchang, but I couldn't find it).  I cross my fingers for True Grit.  Nanchang Market has changed beyond recognition, and the 3 rmb DVD place I had been going to was closed up.  Nanchang Market has become underground like Chongan Market, and is losing its character, I feel.
I also bought Tony a new matchbox toy, and more track for his train set.
Tony and Jenny's train arrived back at 600 pm.  So, I am happily reunited with family.
More anon.

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