Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Friday late in March, 2011.

  • I took still more photos around Wuxi today.
  • I also took some photos of my son Tony: here and here.
  • Speaking of Tony.  I am into lesson thirty eight of my Chinese textbook.  I came home last night, and I asked Tony what Mom was doing.  He told me "Ta Xi Lian", "她 洗脸",  or in English, "she is washing her face."  I learned these words but a month ago, and the little bugger already knows them!  Amazing!  I am already going to have to have Tony teach me Chinese!
  • I brought home a flier from Toys-R-Us, as well last night.  Tony took it with him to school this morning.
  • This morning, I wanted to get my bus card loaded up with credit again, but the lineup at the office, I could get this done, was a hundred people long!
  • Some Wuxi Expats are good pals.
  • Harry Callahan and the WCE Trio perform before a large crowd at Gunner Stadium.

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