Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday: the last day of the AKIC week of work....

.....if you can call it that.

  • Should I shirk work to go to church?
  • I was told on Saturday that many locals were going downtown to shop and buy things before prices go up on Monday. Inflation, they told me, is coming to Wuxi.
  • The Saga of the Blue Toy
  • A student told me that China and America have always been friends. He mentioned what America did to help China in WW 2. I asked him about the Korean War and he said that North Korea invaded South Korea, and so that didn't contradict his statement.
  • A new comedy club will open up in the Wuxi China Expatdom
  • Sunday morning on the way to school, I saw a little motorcycle-wagon combo vehicle filled with lettuce. The lettuce was strapped into the trailer like folded cardboard boxes would be strapped on a back of an overload. It made me shudder.
  • Outlaw Electric Bicycle Gang terrorizes Wuxi, China nightclub.
  • I've just completed a "hypothetical situations" conversation class. I asked the students what they would take out of home if it was burning and they had but two minutes to get out. Two of the teenaged students said they would take out their homework.


Weiming Zhao said...

Thank you, Andis for your comments. I lived in Changzhou not Wuxi before coming to Brandon. I grew up in Xinjiang and then moved to Changzhou in 1982 teaching a high school there for over 10 years. I do understand Wuxi dialect very well but not able to speak it. It is very similar to Changzhou's As a matter of fact, my maternal grandma was a Wuxi native. I do not have many old pictures in that area for in those days owning a camera means something. How far China has gone now! I was in Changzhou visiting my parents last summer.You are a brave man venturing into a culture that is so different, and raising a beautiful family there! It is extremely interesting to read your blog; whatever you describe sounds both so strange and familiar to me.

Andis Kaulins said...

I have been to Changzhou a few times. It is across the Yangtze river from my wife's hometown area of Taixing.

I am curious how you ended up in Brandon.

At the end of WW2, my parents fled Latvia and were eventually able to immigrate to Canada. They in fact met in Canada. My father joined the Canadian Army and retired from it when he was stationed at Shilo. He decided to retire in Brandon.

I am lucky to have Jenny and Tony.

Do you think you were brave to come to Canada?

Funny how it was that Canada seemed strange and familiar to me when I visited it after living in China for five years.