Thursday, February 24, 2011

The AKIC Friday Digest

Is this entry really a digest?  Am I right to call it so?  Could I call it a compendium?  I don't care.  So, I will call it what I like.  So, today it is a digest of AKIC's Friday internet activity.
  • Here is my Friday TKIC entry.  I blog that first every morning.  Then, I think about what to put in my AKIC and WCE blogs.
  • I should add an observation about Tony.  I noticed that the past two days, he has been taking his toy "hotwheel" cars and leaving them all over Casa K.  For example, he has left one of his cars by the keyboard, and I have been sleeping on one of his cars all night.
  • Crazy Train (take 3).  More fun sticking pocket cameras on trains.
  • The wife and child are still asleep this morning.  I get ready for work and try to get some blogging in.  I won't finish this entry till I get to work later.
  • I am at work.  I have finished one WCE Entry. (or you can view it here.)
  • The Bus Driver this morning was nuts.  He braked hard and was too hasty in his decisions to find space.
  • Have a good weekend!

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