Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have been here for a long time, not a short time.

  • Some longtime Canadian Wuxi Expat is writing a blog. If you can't access it, you can try here (pardon the look of it, it is still under construction).
  • Tony doesn't listen to me, except when I have something he wants.
  • Here is AKIC's latest video on Youku.  Funny how it is that videos about trains, especially generate my highest view numbers.  Here is my most viewed youku video.  Here is my sixth most watched.
  • Cousin Allison, who had her purse stolen, tells me she will be on Wuxi television.  She says she just did a video with a Wuxi Policeman.
  • The topic for Thursday's English Corner is Names.
  • I have shed my long johns.  Spring is coming!
  • Crazy Train (take two).

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