Monday, October 25, 2010

Two person Conversations (Real and Imaginary) and TYFPTIP!

English Teacher and Chinese Student

"Do you like chicken?"

"A little!"

English Teacher and Chinese Student

"What is you favorite food!:

"I don't know!"

"Why don't you know?"

"I can't remember."

Thank You for putting things in perspective!

"Oh no!  Chuck Norris has impregnated all my sisters!"

"Look on the bright side.  You will be the uncle of the next undefeated team in professional football."


Sentry doing a password check with a maybe intruder

"Itchy itchy woo!"

"Rinky Dinky doo!"

"Brownie Brownie Poo!"

"Aardvark Ski Doo!"

"Pee pee gree!"

"Greene Joe Mean!"

Sentry shoots the man dead and speaks:

"Mean Joe Greene!  You Nomad!"

I got a hole in my sock!

"I got a hole in my sock!"

"Could be worse!"


Canadian Sentry doing password check with a could-be intruder

"Maurice Richard!"

"Henri Richard!"

"Ken Dryden!"

"Dave Dryden!"

"Phil Esposito!"

"Tony Esposito!"

"Frank Mahovolich!"

"Peter Mahovolich!"

"Pierre Trudeau!"

"Gary Trudeau?!?"

Sentry shoots!  Sentry scores!

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