Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Shortage of Latvian Men for Lativan Women.

Reducing Labour Costs  A company student was telling me that his company was looking at ways to reduce labor costs and that he was in charge of the project.  I then asked him how this could be a problem in China where labor was cheap, and he told me that this is no longer the case.  The cost of living is going up in China, he said, and workers are demanding higher wages to keep up.

Unread items  I find it is too much sometimes to keep up with all the unread items I have on Gmail and Google Reader.  I subscribe to far too many things.

Light-headed  I felt this way at my first English Corner of last week.  I must have been slacking it too much on my days off.

Something I learned about Chinese and Gold Fish  Why is it that so many public and business places have gold fish in China?  I had never thought to ask the question.  But I learned that the Chinese word for fish (鱼yu) sounds like another "yu" (愈) which means "more" from a student

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