Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Sunday Morning Photo Blog

On AKIC wordpress.


Don Tai said...

Andis, What is the difference between your Blogspot and Wordpress blogs? Do they have the same content?

Happy Halloween. It snowed for the first time for the year here in Toronto, Canada.

Andis Kaulins said...

The blogs are more or less the same though I do try to make them a little different. Some things I will only do in the wordpress blog or in the blogspot blog. When I have the time, I will publish different photos of Tony taken at the same time but from different angles. I will also change the wording of entries.

The reason for the two blogs is because of being in China. The blogspot blog, which was my preferred platform, was blocked. The windows blog which was migrated to wordpress, had not been.

I like the look of the wordpress blog but unfortunately it is easier in the blogspot blog to add side panel features.

So, I am conflicted.

If there is snow in Wuxi this year it will be a rare thing.

Happy Hallow's Eve!