Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silly Conversations

Two People
"Can I go use the W.C.?"
"That will be Five Dollars!"
"Jeez. I only have two!"
"You can owe me."
"Okay, I'll write you out an I.O.U."
"Do it now!"
"Do you have a pen and paper."
"I'll get Manuel to get you some."
Five minutes later, Manuel comes with required objects.
"Here you go.  Write away!"
"Too Late! I peed myself!"
"Okay.  10 dollars, I can clean your pants for you."

An older man talks to a group of students
"Who said you could take off your clothes?"
"We are naked for a reason, you know!"
"Yes. we have a point to make."
"In a debate about the U.S. medical system?"
"What point could you possibly be making?"
"We want to show how the evil conservatives would reduce coverage!"
"You people are like emperors!"

A Teacher and one Student
"Ask me a question using the word "what".
"To you?"
"No.  To the imaginary 7,000 pound gorilla that is sitting on your head.  And I mean the gorilla that is wearing the pink dress and green hat and is eating bananas and KFC chicken.  Not the one that is reading Marcel Proust."

Two People

"Wow.  It is his 70th birthday!  He doesn't look a day over 40 if you ask me."

"Well, if your definition of year means the Earth goes around the Sun twice then you would be correct."

"Who was talking about age?"

"Well. What do you mean by "40"?"

Two more People

"You're Racist."

"You're prejudicial."

"You're a Bigot."

"You're being presumptuous."

"Oh.  Am I?"


"Well. Na Na Na Nah!"


Interviewer and Athlete

"What were you thinking when you fumbled the ball?"

"I can see the goal line."

Two More People

"What are you doing?"

"Minding my business!   And I have a suggestion for you."

"Oh!  What?"

"Mind yours!"

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