Saturday, October 2, 2010

Imagined bits of conversation

Two Men
"How do you like the taste of those apples?  Hmmm?"
"They are good.  Mmmmm."
"That's not what I meant!"
"I was speaking in another mode -- metaphorically I think."
"About what?"
A Chinese and Foreigner talk
"What do you think of Chairman Mao?"
"Ah. Hmmmm.  I really liked him in Enter the Dragon!  I can do some of his actions.  Like his fast and high leg quick!  WAAAAASSAAAAABBBBBIIIIIII!  See?!?  And then there as his quick thrust of his arms in the opponents face:  Wa Ga Ga Wa Ga Ga  AAAIIIEEEEE!  Yoozzzaaa!  Yoozaaa!  I watched that movie a hundred times to get that move straight.  And then the pose:  Iggy Iggy Waggy Woohski!  Baaaracckkka waka!"
"That's not Chairman Mao!"
"Oh!  Then who is this Mao guy?"
"He founded the New China."
"Oh! Yeah! The........ ah........ mmmmm...... short guy.  He was really cute and cuddly like a Panda Bear!  He was okay, more or less."
"No!  That's Deng Xiao Peng!  I mean the man on the money!"
"Oh!.....    George Washington.  I heard he was built like a QB."
"No!  On the Chinese money!"
"Oh!  Him."
"Well.  What do you think of him?"
"I got to run! Bye."
Chinese Student and English Teaching Foreigner
"Who is your favorite move star?"
"I don't know!"
"Tell me a movie star you do know then."
"I can't remember!"
"What is a movie star?  Do you know?"
"Tell me."
"Is Jackie Chen, Chen Long, a movie star?"
"I don't know."

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