Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tony goes to pre-school.

Tony started going to a downtown Wuxi pre-school, on Monday.  The experience was frightening for Tony who wasn't  happy about being separated from his parents; and of course for his parents it was hard to listen to Tony's crying.
But after two days, Tony has made some progress.  He has ravenously eaten his meals at the school, and he has been taking afternoon naps -- something he has rarely done at home.
Monday morning caused Tony's father to be sentimental for a couple of reasons.  Watching the Olympic closing ceremonies, AKIC blogger was reminded of the place he had left five years ago -- that, and contemplating his son's starting a new phase was enough to bring tears to his eyes.
The pre-school is run by Lucy, a friend of AKIC blogger and Mrs. AKIC blogger.

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