Monday, March 29, 2010

An AKIC Weekend Entry

Tony doesn't seem to like the King of Funk
In one of my blogs, I said that there was a chance that Tony liked James Brown music -- James Brown being the King of Funk or Soul or whatever.   Anyway, I then exposed Tony to a few James Brown videos and all my son could say was "We will Rock You!".  So, he didn't go for it.  Whether that is a good thing or bad thing, can be argued till the cows come home, or the chickens come to roost and then go out again.  But, it is amazing nonetheless.

Just think.  In the old days, in Canada, if one would have wanted their child to see or hear some James Brown songs, you would have to gone by dog sled three hundred miles to the nearest thing resembling an urban metropolis to find a  recording -- and the chances are none would be available, so you would have to order the recording, return three hundred miles to your cold water shack, wait three months, and if the season was right, make another 500 kilometer trip (you missed your chance to vote against Trudeau) through mosquitoes or mud to the urban metropolis (somewhat), and hope the recording that your ordered had come in, and then return home again -- another three hundred mile trip -- pardon my unpatriotic use of miles.

But now, in China, all I have to do is journey the three meters (one yard) from the my living room to my computer, and locate a James Brown Video (thirty seconds), and expose it to my child.  

Remarkable.  And yet, how we so often take this for granted.

Street Dispute
There was this tunny coincidence, or as I like to say: coincidinky.  Rare readers, who may actually read my blog, may recall me having mentioned something about a traffic cop and three men exchanging blows.  When this happened, I was in Summer's car with her and Lisa as we were going to a company class.  Monday noontime, I was again in Summer's car with her and Lisa, this time going to teach a primary school class.  Again, we saw something interesting.  This time, I noticed a man picking himself and his bicycle off the pavement.  I saw him shout at another man on an electric scooter, who obviously must have just collided with him.  The two men parked their bikes, and had it out -- verbally, but didn't exchange blows.

It was with Lisa that I passed a scene where two motorcyclists looked to have been fatally injured in a collision with a flatbed truck.

A Thought
Look at the headline and you must be thinking: "Oh-oh!  What is the reactionary going to say now?"

Not much.  An innocent thought really.  If you spend too much time on search engines, do you get Googlely Eyes?

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