Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Accident -- scary thought.

At bedtime last night, Tony sleeping in between us, Jenny told me there had been an accident.
"What?", I replied, with anticipation of dread.
She told me that earlier in the day, after she had picked up Tony from preschool and was waiting for the bus, she had gone back two steps to throw garbage away while at the same Tony decided to walk forward two steps onto the bicycle path and into the path of an oncoming electric bike -- Tony was knocked down.
Jenny yelled at the cyclist who also yelled at her. 
Tony wasn't hurt in collision and cried only because his mother was yelling.  I was looking into his eyes when I heard the details from Jenny, and he seemed to be all right.
Still, being told of this, I felt like I was having a strange premonition confirmed, but then I do have these nightmares of something bad happening to Tony.  Wuxi traffic scares me, and it isn't the place to let children do their thing.   Wuxi drivers and cyclists don't seem to have much regard for pedestrians. 
The thought of what happened made me shiver.

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