Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is Sydney Crosby a game-show contestant?

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I watch a sporting event, I am not cheering for any of the teams or competitors, I find myself cheering for beauty, grace, and drama. Lately, I have been hoping to see dignity.

For me there is no moment so conforming to my aesthetic sporting ideals as Paul Henderson's goal for Canada against the Soviet Union in the final game of their summit hockey series. This event was a one-off and established the form for which all other dramatic hockey moments have been compared, including Sydney Crosby's gold medal winning goal on Sunday. I think Crosby's goal pales in comparison to Henderson's.

Compare the two photos of the players taken just after they scored their winning goals. Henderson raises his sticks in triumph. Meanwhile, Sydney Crosby has dropped his gloves looking, to me, like a game-show contestant in hysterics after having won a car or jackpot. The photo of Crosby is a big turn-off. This ritual of shedding gloves and stick after scoring dramatic hockey goals has recently been adopted. I hate it because it is graceless and contrived.
Addendum: This article says Crosby shouldn't have shed his equipment -- especially in British Columbia.
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