Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday things in my mind that I have deemed thoughts

Wuxi Tony Update #551
In the second latest WTU, Tony wears a yellow jacket.  You have to see it for it is bloody nice.  I pay homage to my wife for choosing it for Tony.

Dust Storm affects Wuxi?
A very severe Dust Storm hit Beijing.  Meanwhile, yesterday in Wuxi, the skies had a brown dusty tinge to them.  Were these two events related?  I have heard some speculation that they were.

Thrills, Kicks, and Excitement?
I presided over a conversation class about adventure.  The students in the class, all seemed to have lead a pretty staid life.  However, one student did say her father wants to swim across the Yangtze River.  I found myself joking about each student wanting to be alone on an island with a Tiger engaged in a life-or-death, kung-fu, no-weapons struggle, only one leaving the island alive.

Sometimes, you have to go into entertainment mode if the students have nothing to say about the topic.

Reversal of Roles
Rare AKIC readers may know that the command module for AKIC blogging central is a desk/closet/upper-bunk bed combination.  There have been many times where I have played on the computer while Tony was playing on the upper bunk.  Last night, however, Tony was playing on the computer while I was on the upper bunk, reading.

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