Saturday, October 31, 2009


Early in the week!
Depending on the weather and no unseen circumstances occurring, Jenny and Tony could be back in Wuxi as early as Tuesday. 
I will have to clean the apartment like a son-of-a-bitch tonight and tomorrow morning.
Tony and Halloween
Tony is in Beixing so he didn't participate in any Halloween activities.  It would have been nice to have dressed him up.  A few students, at the school party last night, expressed disappointment that Tony wasn't there.  Doing a thought experiment about what it would be like if I had Tony in North America, I could only speculate on the changes to the festival that have taken place since my trick-or-treating days.  One person in the U.S. has told me that the trend has been for children to be taken to parties, instead of going around the neighbourhood doing the traditional trick-or-treating.  I thought as much.  The fears of soapers, vandals, people putting razor blades in apples, pedophiles, and actually going out in the night has scared people off the traditional Halloween because it isn't safe.
As I type this, appears to have been a victim of hackers.  The bunch that were soaping and egging houses in days of yore are now hacking on Halloween.

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