Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday, late October 2009

What's happening in Beixing
Phoning my wife last night, I learned that Tony went to bed early.  Jenny also, having had to get early for her driving training.  So I didn't hear the sound of Tony'a voice.
My Tooth
I wll have to get my tooth looked after on my day off.  Last night, I got throbbing pain when I tried to drink some tea.  All the day, I had been feeling it.  The image of the person's head wrapped in a towel now makes sense to me.
Saturday, I passed Wuxi's two downtown Christian Churches.  I can't help but pass the Protestant Church next to our school everyday.  However, I rarely get close to the Catholic Church off European street.  Doing an Expo English event yesterday, I was across a narrow canal from the second church, entertaining children (I hate other people's children!).
So much media, so little time!
While I do wish Tony and Jenny were with me, I was looking forward to the quiet time to watch some DVDs and read some books.  But the problem is I have so much media to consume and so little time to do.  I have choice of ten books, twenty podcast, and countless DVDs and only about two hours last night to consume it.  What did I look at?
The Life of Emile Zola
I have never quite understood the Dreyfus affair.  I know it raised great passions in France at the time, but it is hard, in hindsight, for this Canadian to know why.  This Hollywood movie, that I bought cheap at the Nanchang Temple Market, didn't do it.  It showed the basic events but it didn't seem a fully enclosed story.  It only once brought up the issue of anti-semitism which I understand was a cause of the affair's passion.


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