Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AKIC Numbers

Three Mishaps
It seemed more chaotic than usual on my forty minute bike ride to work this morning.  I was continually dodging trucks and oncoming bikes.  I as well saw three mishaps:  a van ran over a parked bicycle: a bicyclist swiped a scooter  -- the scooterist grabbed her hand and cursed in agony; and a car rear-ended a van.

On my Youtube channel, I have had my videos viewed 666,666 times.


The number above represents something that  I have accomplished on my Youku Channel.  I believe it is the number of times my videos have been watched on the Chinese version of YouTube.  I upload my videos to both video sharing sites.  Viewership  is generally better on YouTube.  But if I get my wife to enter Chinese descriptions, viewership in China goes up.

Because of the Great Firewall of China, I have to run two blogs:  AKIC on MSN Spaces for users in China, and AKIC on blogspot for users outside of China.  Together, the two sites draw about sixty visitors a day.

26 months
My son Tony is that old.

Nine Days
I won't be seeing Tony for that long.  Jenny and he return to Wuxi on November 7.

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