Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AKIC Sunday

Sort Of
It is the second of my days off.  So I can call it an AKIC Sunday.  However, the K family isn't going to church.  There isn't one in my area and I haven't really talked about my faith issues with my wife.  I am afraid she wouldn't understand.  But she is religious so we don't have any atheist -- religious differences.  She is nominally Bhuddist.
Anyway, Jenny and Tony are asleep.  I am trying to write a blog entry.  But my muse is AWOL.  I will just have to do the best I can.
My Chinese Language Skills
I am a long way from achieving even minimal fluency in Chinese.  I can understand a few questions.  But I find with listening that even words I know when spoken to me are hard to understand.  Yesterday, I happened to catch some t.v.  where a pilot trainee was told to get out a mock cockpit.  The words that the trainer yelled were incomprehensible.  I asked the wife what the trainer said, and she told me he said words that I did know  -- I couldn't pick them up because of the speed and the accent.
All I can do is keep trying.
Chickens, chickens everywhere
In China, a westerner doesn't want to think too much about the food he is eating has come from and how it has been handled.  Driving around the area yesterday, I saw chickens everywhere:  in trash, in traffic, and living amongst humans. 
The Chinese have an intimate awareness, it would seem, between the fact that food comes from the refuse of before.

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