Thursday, May 7, 2009


The Family K will have a vacation next week, that is after Monday the 11th and I will go back to work on May 21th. We won't be going to Canada. We can't afford it. I hope to God we can go next year.

We won't be going anywhere spectacular on the vacation. I was hoping to hold out on vacation time till the trip to Canada, but not having had a break in twenty months, I figured I should take one now. We will be going to Nanjing to visit some of Jenny's friends. I hope I can talk Jenny into going to Zhongshan Park.

On Twitter, I have as many followers and following. It means I have some of sort of status. You are welcome to be a follower.

Tonight, the ride home on the Electric Bike was nice. Wuxi had a high of thirty Celsius today so the evenings are pleasant.

Only problem, the mosquitoes are out!

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