Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have discovered a great blog.

Via Seablogger, I have discovered another great blog.  This blog brutally and deservedly savages President Oprah.  I was initially horrified to see that the blog is on a Blogspot site which would have meant that I would have to go through a proxy to read it.  But after exchanging a few emails with the author of the blog, I have learned that he is moving to a new site (for which I have provided the url). 
A colleague is wearing an Obama t-shirt bearing the image of that dopey Hope poster.  I haven't said anything and I am counting on the fact that China will block Blogspot till past the crucial anniversary dates.
Tony can understand more and more instructions.  Having children is fun.  I think about this as I read this forum discussion in Wuxilife, the local Expat website.  One commentator said that there was nothing to do in Wuxi.  Having Tony, I see how much my life has changed and how those concerns expressed were so far away from me.  Now for me, there is no time to worry about being entertained.  The onus on being active falls on oneself.
Meanwhile, I post to my blog via Gmail.  I should rename the blog form AKIC to Blog Free China (BFC).

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