Friday, May 22, 2009

Sign seen in the Nanjing, China Ikea.

Like some other blogger, I have read, said, I am sick of politics and Obama.  To me, he has been horror show awful in every way imaginable.  I wish he would cease and desist the stupid course he is on, but it won't happen.  It is going to get worse before it gets better. And it is pointless for me to whine about it.  I will have to find something else to concern myself with in the terrible interim.  I think I will pray and grab some faith to get me and the rest of the K brood through.
Here is a sign I saw at the Nanjing Ikea.
It has been 6 years since we married.
We enjoy the honeymoon stage and
no plan to have kids for a little while.
Due to work arrangement, we moved
in this city and bought this apartment.
Although it is a small place, we devote
so much in it, and it totally loving this
warm and comfortable home everyday.
The first thing I hope you notice is the bad English.  (I hope a few literate people read this blog)  To see such English on signs in China is nothing unusual.  But what stuns me about this particular sign is that it is in Ikea.  Who allowed this sign to be posted?  Are the Swedes letting the local Chinese management put up the signs without checking the English grammar?  Or are the Swedes as clumsy at English grammar as many Chinese?
The second thing I notice about the sign is that this particular couple has been married six years, are still in the Honeymoon stage, and aren't planning to have kids just yet.  Am I a fuddey-duddey-stick-in-the-mud Conservative for asking "You're go to have a baby after nine frigging years(I am assuming) of marriage?"  I mean is it customary to wait so long before having children?  When they talk about having kids, I wonder if this couple is Swedish or Chinese.  Talking to my recently married Chinese students, I ask them if they have had their child yet.  Most couples in China have their child right away.  I can't say if I met anyone who had the baby so late into their marriage.  Anyone who hasn't had the child after six years, has probably decided to never have children.  I would have to assume that this couple is Swedish or some big city urban Chinese couple.  Either way, the sign seems a perfect mixture of Social-Democratic Demographic Suicide meeting Communist Totalitarian Demographic planning.


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