Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Morning.

China leading world out of mess? The students I talk to say that business is still down. We will just have to see.

Obama to lose in 2012 or Obama to win in 2012? Already the speculation begins. Four years ago, no one was talking about Obama winning the 2008 election. Which just goes to show that it is too early to tell. Rare readers know what I hope will happen. Right now, I am just pessimistic. No reason behind this feeling. It is just a feeling I have.

Spengler confesses. I just found this writer a month ago. I think he is incredible. I don't understand why I was so late into discovering him.

It is nice to let a class go off on a tangent. Last night, I had a student tell me about his hometown flooding to the second floor. It happened in his childhood. He could remember seeing people using doors as flotation devices and bodies of rats everywhere....

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