Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like Son, Like Father.

So inspired was I by Tony's haircut, that I decided to have my hair done the same way. Jenny took me to the same place where Tony had his head shaved - a salon in a Yangqiao back alley that used an electric clipper. Tony, unfortunately, was scared witless to return the place of his haircut. He screamed like a banshee or like when he goes to a hospital.

The benefits of our having short hair are innumerable. For Jenny it is a bonus because when she gives the Kaulins Boys a sponge bath, she will not have to lather up the shampoo to clean our heads. She can use the soft sponge she applies to our backs. The short haircut will also reduce the chances of getting ticks and fleas.

Earlier in the day, Tony and I went to the countryside near Jia Zhou Yang Fang for a walk.

Tony did a Princess Di and ran away when he realized his photo was taken.

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