Friday, August 26, 2011

Very short and random thoughts -- filler really.

  • Rained again yesterday.  I got my shoes soaked.  Water was a foot deep in places. 
  • What a wet summer it has been.  And they tell me it hasn't been wetter than normal. (Alas, some people do agree with me!)
  • China is more fake than it has been five years ago.  How can one determine that for sure?
  • In a Wuxi pub, two westerners sit.  They talk, all the Chinese patrons are killing fruit on their electronic gadgets.
  • Wuxi people only care about money and nothing else.  And so they are dull as dishwater.  Some westerners say this.  I just make note of it.  
  • Sometimes the jostling of getting on the bus grates at me -- I want to elbow someone in the head.
  • So many free books I can download to the Ipad -- e.g. Edward Gibbon's book about the Roman Empire, Ulysses by James Joyce, 1984 by Orwell.  And I don't have the time to read books that I would buy if I could.
  • Famous overseas Chinese brands?  I can't think of many.

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