Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Driving and other things

  • Driver in a orange sports car is weaving and veering through traffic like there's no tomorrow -- I mean this guy is driving in a way that you wish he'd crash.  My son Tony saw this  driver -- we were on a bus -- and yelled "orange car!" over and over again.
  • I know the bus I am on has to make a right turn.  If I was driving, I would have been trying to get the bus into the right lane to make the turn.  But the driver stayed one lane to the left.  He pulled up beside a bus that was already in the right lane.  When it was time to make the turn, he pulled the bus into traffic, aggressively cutting off traffic already going through the intersection including the bus on his right.
  • Thanks to Connie, a former student and Tony fan, who bought the toy that I wanted Tony to get.  Tony has been playing with the extra train track as I thought he would.  He loves it and is endlessly fascinated by his train.
  • The K family took the taxi home on Tuesday night.  The driver and I had a good laugh at a BMW driver who ran his car into a concrete barrier.  Many drivers drive fast and don't see the barriers, which are set up to block construction areas and divide traffic, till it is too late.

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