Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am off till tomorrow!

  • I feel like my weekend has started.  However, tomorrow morning I have to do a commercial thing for the school.
  • Space.  I went into a convenience store to buy a drink.  I went to the counter to make my purchase.  The counter was probably a meter long.  No one was at the counter as I made my purchase, and no one was behind me through most of my purchase's duration.  So I stood within .1 meter of the cash register -- .9 of a meter to spare for anyone who would queue behind me or stand to my left.  Just as I paid for my drink and got my change, this guy came on my right and put his drink on the .1 meter of counter.  It struck me as really weird and a sign how Chinese perception of space and queuing is so different from Western.
  • Phew!  I lucked out (or should I say I lucked in?).  On Friday night, like Thursday night, there was a heavy thunder storm.  As I was on the bus, I saw the rain come down in buckets or sheets -- it looked like I was going to walk and become soddenly for the second consecutive night as I made my way from the bus stop to Casa K.  I shrugged and began to do some reading.  After five minutes, I looked up to see the rain had stopped, not diminished but stopped absolutely.  I couldn't believe it my luck.
  • Who do you want to stay home with?  One young male student said Kobe.  Why?  I asked.  Because he was more handsome and intelligent than Lebron James, the student said.
  • Only stupid people say "no why!" or "me too!"   That is what I tell any students now who say this.  It smacks of rudeness, laziness, and lack of imagination.  So many students do this.  I have to clamp down on this.
  • Thunder storm for the fourth straight day.  So much for talk of the rainy season having ended two weeks ago.
  • I asked the students why the riots in England were happening?  Those who had anything to say, parroted the left-wing line -- the government isn't looking after or is ignoring some poor people.

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Anonymous said...

Fresh changeup for a K family video! The boys out front and Jenny behind the camera.
Good scenery and commentary from the upper deck of the #81 bus.