Sunday, August 7, 2011

To the decorating mall and then back to a world going to pot.....

  • Sunday night, I walked as Tony rode his bike (pedal bike with training wheels) in the area near Casa K.  Tony determined more of the route we took than I did -- I was pleased with his decisions though Jenny wasn't to be.  Tony and I went all the way to the Home Decorating Mall and back -- I figure about six or seven kilometers of riding for him and walking for him. 
  • I enjoyed my walking with him because I got to see a lot -- I had worried that he was going to go to the nearby public square and hang out with other kids.  As well, the weather was comfortable.  One of the streets we went through, I saw at least three groups of forty or fifty people watching televisions set up in store windows.  I assume the people were migrant workers from nearby construction projects (of which there are many) with nothing better to do.  I found the scene strange coming from my apartment with internet access, big screen television, and Ipad2 -- I thought I was going back in time.
  • Nine o'clock in the p.m. on a Sunday night, we saw that workers were still hard at it in many of the construction sites we passed.
  • I was able to see many stars in the sky as I chased Tony.  Something that people confined to downtown Wuxi would have a hard time doing.
  • Jenny was not pleased when I told her where we went.  She thought it was my idea to go where we did.  In fact, going where we did was a pleasant surprise to me.  I had put on all thoughts of going somewhere that I thought interesting out of my mind.  It was Tony who was the explorer. 
  •  Jenny had good reasons to not be pleased.  A precedent had been established last night with Tony that would be hard to break.
  • And now to the passing scene.
  • America loses its triple "A" credit rating.  The Republicans got hosed on the debt deal.  The stock market goes down.  Way to go Obama (and RINOs)! 
  • A few of the students remember me proudly declaring myself to be a proud subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Here is a column by David Warren that says better than I could why I am a Royalist and why any good Canadian should be one as well.

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