Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten or so Things (or People) that I have lost all enthusiasm for and/or now loathe

I thought to entitle this posting: Ten things I have fallen out of love with, but that would have been overstating it a tad.  Still, through my life, I have changed my mind about things and people.  And I have come to loathe some things and people I previously thought to be wonderful. 
Here are ten or so in no particular order:

David Letterman.  I used to think he was very funny.  Now, I can't help but think he is a jerk.  His attacks on Sarah Palin were the final straw.
Socialism.  Socialist at twenty if you have a heart; Conservative by thirty if you have a brain.  I used to agree with this statement.  But I have been starting to think Socialists and Lefties have no heart.
The Toronto Blue Jays.  I regret ever having cheered for them.  Even when they won World Series for Canada.
The Vancouver Canucks.  The riots by their fans after losing game seven make me think Vancouver doesn't deserve to win a Stanley Cup. Go Jets go!!
The Miami Dolphins.  The first NFL teams I liked had Csonka and Griese.  The Dolphins now look generic and boring.
Ken Dryden.  When I was growing up, he was one of the coolest goalies.  Now, he is a brain dead politician.
The U.S. Democrats.  Their posturing in the Debt Limit debate has been unconscionable.  But I came to realize how unconscionable they were twenty years ago.
David Frum.  What happened to him?  I bought his books and he seemed sensible.  Then, he drank the Obama Kool Aid.  Or at least got a whiff of it and lost his senses.  He has turned into an establishment Rino Squish.
The Sandinistas.  Seriously.  I was upset when they had lost that election that Reagan forced on them.  What a fool I was.
Citizen Kane.  I watched the movie twenty times.  I jumped on the film studies band wagon about its' greatness.  But there is something wrong with the idea of the struggling artist who thinks he doesn't have to be subject to the laws of economics, especially in an endeavour that is a collaborative effort like film-making.
Woody Allen.  A dirty old man.  I used to make a point of watching his latest movie as soon as it came out.
Monty Python.  I remember watching John Cleese and another Pythoner perform the parrot sketch on Saturday Night Live.  It was not funny the second time around.  I then saw John Cleese make political pronouncements.  Why couldn't he have shut up?!?
Europeans.  The Norwegians talking about their tolerant society made me want to puke.  When people use that word "tolerant" in that manner, they really mean that unlike others, they are good.  They should say that they tolerate the good and harmless, and are intolerant of evil and baseness.  But it is bad, by their way of thinking, to be intolerant.  So their whole boasting of tolerance is a logical muddle if you ask me. (like accusing your opponents of being ideological and acting like you have transcended ideology -- on what basis, do you decide if something works or not?).

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