Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mundinations

  • Rain in Wuxi.  Ahem!
  • Canucks beat Sharks 4-2, take 3-1 lead in Stanley Cup Semifinal Series.  Yes!
  • Heat beat Bulls!  A victory for evil. Darn!
  • Not much to say today!  天啊!
  • 我 爱 Jenny!我 不 爱 Obama!我 觉得 Obama 是 坏人!I have nothing to say today so I will type in some Chinese.
  • Some Chinese grandparents think that the school children today do too much homework.  I would have thought this would be so, but that is what I have been told.
  • I was listening to a podcast about the American Civil War that was life-changing.  I think I will become a civil war buff when I move back to Canada, whenever that will be.

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