Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heading into the weekend, not.

  • I work on Saturday and Sunday.  So, I am not heading into the weekend yet.  Not that I am complaining.  I avoid the weekend crowds.
  • Yes!  Nucks take 3 - 1 lead their series with the Nashville Predators.  It looks like they will meet the Sharks in the Western Final.
  • Why do some street vendors and small shop owners sell their wares in the midst of the rubble of their demolished surroundings?  Surroundings, that is, that have been demolished so the government can build new things.  They have no where else to go.  The shop owners have no deed or title to the area they had been using for shops or selling street food.  The local government demolishes the area and hopes the vendors leave, of their own accord.
  • I have more and more choices for podcast listening.  In the past week, I have been downloading MP3s of audio articles and editorials.  
  • The Wuxi Jaywalkers, the official Major League Baseball Fantasy Team of Wuxi Expats, are currently in 8th place (out of 10 teams) in their league.  I have had to completely revamp the pitching staff which has been the worst in the league.
  • I had an opportunity to go to the back offices of the Baoli Carrefour.  I was looking at the departmental signs (which were in Chinese) and I was happy to see a could read some of them.  (Socks in Chinese are 内衣  nei yi (pinyin))
  • Wuxi is starting to get humid.  I am happy to stay in the shade of my office or apartment during the day.
  • Tonight's English Corner Topic?  Travel in Jiangsu.
  • The right says that the techniques that Obama decried ended up helping kill Osama.  The left says it is a myth.
  • 我 很 喜欢 我的学校 和 我的小儿子。
  • Doing an interview with a student to determine his level, I had to resort to Chinese to get him to answer questions.  天啊!
  • Perhaps, I should make some Chinese entries.  我 可能 写 中文 在 我的 电脑。

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