Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy. But am I doing anything productive?

  • I wonders.
  • I have been feeling whooped this past week.  I am teaching classes, and trying to stay on top on my other interests and responsibilities.  I study Chinese everyday.  I have three books, on the trot, that I am reading.  I have some upcoming classes to prepare.  I play with Tony all I can.  But at the end of the day, before I do fall asleep, I wonder if I am doing anything productive.  Getting up early the next day, I feel there isn't enough time.  And yet, I wonder what and how and why I am doing whatever it is that I do.
  • I blog as well.  Here are some links:  Wake Up Tony!,  Two Toys Found!Latvian food producers have not yet exhausted Wuxi China Expatdom market possibilities, Tony plays a guitar and sings into a microphone,  Wake Up Tony: the video!, Tony does a pose for the cameraThe Armed Forces and Society Festival will be held in Shuo Fengand Tony! 早上好!
  • Tonight's SPC topic: sweet talking.  With some imaginative students, this can be a good class.
  • Chinese Kindergartens are going on the Internet promising to give Visas to foreign teachers, even though they aren't able to.  My school gives me my Visa no problem, but that is because they have allotments from the Bureau of Education.
  • I want a sister or brother for Tony!
  • I don't want Tony to be a bully.  But I do want him to be able to bully the bullies.
  • Neighbor thinks Tony is fat.  I think he looks solid, unlike his slim classmates.
  • Over a thousand posts on TKIC blogspot.  About three thousand views though.  Hopefully, they are all from my parents.
  • Yes!  The Bruins have a 2-1 series lead on Tampa Bay Whatevers. Canucks -- Bruins Stanley Cup Final!  Here we come!


Colin said...

Most people feel they are 'wasting' time, somehow. Would we even know, if we had a day where we were productive?

A good exercise is to write a script for your perfect day; if you could have a day completely be what you would call 'perfect' (or productive, etc) then...what would it look like?

Andis Kaulins said...

A day is not enough. I would need to write a script for a week.