Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fryday entry

  • As I make this entry, my blogspot blogs are in read-only mode which means I can't publish entries to them.  I am sure the problem will be fixed.  But it justifies my having blogs on two different publishing platforms.
  • I follow seven game of the Red Wings -- Sharks NHL playoff series on the Internet by looking at the score and time remaining updates on a Canadian Sports network website.  Even though I wasn't seeing the action and taking in the crowd atmosphere, I felt tense as I saw the Sharks had a one goal lead and the time was not seeming to run down fast enough.
  • But now that the game is over, and the Sharks have won, I can feel relief.  I am cheering for the Canucks and the prospect of playing a hot Red Wing team didn't bode well.  I am pleased that the Canucks will play a Sharks team that is now happy to have even made it to the series.  Aesthetically, the prospect of the Canucks or the Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final is fine.  I just hope that either of these two West coast teams doesn't have to play the Tampa Bay Lightning in the final.  So:  Go Boston!!!  Go Canucks!!  A Boston -- Vancouver final would be mighty pleasing.
  • Top ten things for tourists to do in the Wuxi China Expatdom.
  • At the church near my school, you can get an English-Chinese Bible (one page English -- the opposite page in Chinese) for fifty rmb.  The student who has told me about this, says that the Chinese translation is well-done.  I will have to see what version of the Bible is used for the English.
  • I know enough Chinese characters that I can impress some locals with my knowledge.  What I have been doing is reading a Chinese textbook on the bus (with minimal pinyin -- I have to read the characters) and study flashcards on the computer: this is the site I use.
  • Tony was not a happy camper on Friday morning.

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