Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too much beer and wine on an AKIC Thursday Night makes Sunday (in conventional time) difficult.

  • How did Tony behave on Saturday Evening at his father's school dinner?  Find out here.
  • Here is a photo of Tony at the CNY Dinner.
  • Here is another photo of Tony at the CNY Dinner.
  • How  did AKIC behave?  He was loud and played if for all it was worth -- that is, he had a good time since being mostly domestic now, he has rare chances to drink and socialize.  This morning, he is happy he doesn't do it too often anymore.  The downside of a hangover beats any moment of ephemeral joy that was had.  Here is a photo of AKIC at the Dinner.
  • The Steelers beat the Ravens.  My brain's record at picking games is now 1-4.
  • The Foreign Trainer's peformance was terrible.  Here are some photos of the other performances.
  • A youngster did a rendition of MLK's I have a dream speech that was remarkibly good.  The Chinese seem to love that speech, and when I first realized that the child was going to make that speech, I thought that corniness was to ensue.  But the child did a good job of it.  He had clearly practiced and practiced it, and he said it with the right emphasis. 
  • The Packers beat the Falcons.  My brain's record at picking games is now 1-5.
  • Three beautiful HyLite Trainers.

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