Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogimachinations on the second AKIC Sunday of 2011

  • For logistical reasons, We -- that is Jenny and I -- didn't go to Carrefour yesterday.  We may go today.
  • Yesterday, I did go to the nearby Tesco and buy Tony a red 67 Pontiac Firebird.  I bought myself microwave popcorn and crackers, yum, yum.
  • Tony likes to take off his socks and slippers while watching television.  Which is too bad because he has nice slippers.
  • I can just imagine what Canadian reaction to the Arizona shooting has been like.  I caught a Globe and Mail headline along the lines of America Examines its Soul after the Gifford Shooting.  A lot of Canadians have probably uncritically swallowed the Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are to blame narrative.
  • I wonder if the Arizona shooting will be seen as noteworthy by my students.  I saw that news reports of the shooting could be watched on,the Chinese Youtube.  Sarah Palin is not well-known among Chinese, so I am curious if she suddenly has become so, because again, I can see the media here presenting the same Sarah Plain is to blame narrative.
  • That Palin is an issue in this tragic incident, shows how the Left operates by forcing everyone to waste their time dealing with stupid arguments.  The real issue in America should be the attempts by the 1112th congress to fix America's problems.
  • Jenny has bought bus tickets for us to go to Beixing on January 31.  The Spring Festival commences February 2 this year.

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