Friday, January 7, 2011

The second weekend of 2011 and/or of the new decade? A content-filling question

  • 没有点了-mei-you-dian-le
  • My latest video on youku.
  • Did a new decade start just last week?  (Something I will ask just because I need to fill this blog with content.)
  • There is a festival of Dumplings to be held at my school on Saturday morning.  First, I will have to do a demo class.
  • I have done the demo class.  I had a good mob of 35 attend.  One student's English name was "Cloudy" which was noteworthy.  I have had students named Sunny, Snowie, Rainy, Rain, Summer, Winter, Sunny, Spring, and Wendy.  As yet, there hasn't been a student to have an English name like "blustery", "stormy", or "Autumn".
  • Making dumplings is like making mini-Strombolis.
  • My 8th most popular video on youku.

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