Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday is Tuesday in the world of AKIC.

  • Why is it that the people who are not trying to take sides in the debates over the Arizona Shootings, still seem to accept the premise that political debate has achieved some level of unprecedented incivility?  It hasn't.  Political Debate is as it has always been.  Don't they recall the words tossed around during the Vietnam War, Pierre Trudeau's time as Prime Minister, Nixon's presidency, Reagan's presidency, Clinton's presidency, and the presidency of George Bush?
  • Tony shakes and shakes and shakes.
  • Tony shakes like you have never seen him before.
  • Tony attacks Andis.
  • AKIC is the blog that stands athwart history and asks What time is it? and Where did I put my socks?
  • You can tell the Chinese New Year holiday is coming because there are even very long weekday lineups at Carrefour.
  • AKIC wore his toque all day Tuesday.
  • AKIC watched Inception.  He thought it was another Matrix.  (He didn't care for the Matrix)
  • The most annoying Simpsons character?  Lisa.
  • Police incident at an intersection near Casa Kaulins.  This particular intersection is big; it is possibly the biggest and/or widest intersection in Wuxi.  AKIC sees a group of 14 seniors surrounding a policeman -- it was a quite a stark sight as there was no need to for the oldsters to crowd so close to the cop.

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