Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just another AKIC Saturday. Oh! Woe! Woe!

  • My heart beat my brain in NFL playoff predicting.  But I am happy to see the Jets and Seahawks in the NFL playoff final eight.
  • I am reading lots of reaction to the shooting in Arizona.  The insane actions of a fringe person acting out his private hell in public is something that has happened in the past, has just happened recently, and will continue to happen in the future.  Nothing can be done about this except for all of us to know that our time here is short, and could end suddenly without reason.  But the insanity of this one man has brought on a wave of more insanity.  Blaming Sarah for this?  This is something the Nazi and Stalinists and Maoists did --  scapegoating for political advantage.  Progressives can no longer be said to be well-meaning.  They are mean-spirited bastards.
  • Tony was put in the kindergarten van with no fuss.  But I wish he was with me now. 
  • Drinking at the hotel on Saturday, I couldn't help but pull out my mobile phone, and look at the photo of Tony I have on it.
  • I finished my exercise of reading Elizabeth Bishop poems at work -- I had been reading one a day.  Now, I am doing the same for Tennyson poems.
  • I have mentioned that Tony has the advantage of having a Chinese Mother.  Is he disadvantaged by having a Western Father?   Conservative as I claim to be, I find myself being the "good cop" to my Chinese wife's "tough cop" routine.  Sometimes, when Jenny tries to correct a bad action by Tony, he will come to me to "save him."  I am, when push comes to shove, "the oh!-don't-be-hard-on-the-boy!" parent.  So Tony is more scared of his mother than me, but he also seems to love his mother more than me. (Which is fine by me.  There would be something wrong with Tony if he didn't)  This just goes to show you that there is something about the disciplinarian style of parenting that makes for better performing and more loving-of-their-parents children.
  • The wife says we are going to Carrefour this afternoon.  In the interim, I will watch Sons of Anarchy.

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